Black Wednesday

Ozuna Official DJ Yonell at 8fifty8 for Black Wednesday!


“We’re Messing with the Same Girl?”

  • R. Kelly and Usher
  • Director: X
  • 2009

R. Kelly

R. Kelly had met a girl in the club in Chicago. He was all into and started taking her serious. Already took her home and treating her special until he told one of his close friends.


Usher had met a girl at a party in Atlanta. She approached him and starting having a conversation. They were into each other and Usher took her home. When he hears about how his friend met his new girl, his descriptions of her sound familiar.



When R. Kelly and Usher come to a conclusion and found out they were dating the same girl, they wanted to set her up and make her look stupid. R. Kelly invites her to dinner, and Usher goes along with R. Kelly. Come to find out the girl brings her twin sister along, and makes them look stupid by showing they weren’t messing with the same girl.




A Hood Love Story

Rico decided to go to the club on a Friday night. While he was on the dance floor he spotted Mya across from him and gave her a little wink. She was flattered and decided to dance with Rico. After the club, they both went back to his house. He showed her his new bed and she was so in love with how comfortable it was. Because of that one night they had, they decided to continue seeing each other and eventually get married.